Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet Open Grain Woodwork

Welcome!!  We would like to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do. Open Grain Woodwork world headquarters is located in Louisville, KY Bluegrass Industrial Park.  Josh Peters, owner/craftsman, and Samantha Farmer, office/business manager, make a great team and backbone for an ever expanding small business.

Josh, aka Grain Guy, started Open Grain Woodwork five years ago to pursue his passion for woodworking.  His love for wood grew while working for his father remodeling.  He ventured off and started his own business in order to focus solely on woodworking and become an incredible craftsman.  Josh focuses on four main things in life, his family, disc golf, video games, and woodworking!

Samantha is a new addition to the company.  She recently moved back home after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors in Marketing and Management.   She found our company, and man are we glad she did!! Her organization spread throughout our manly office environment by her second day.  Samantha is jumping right in our business and helping with several important aspects of running a company. 

We are very excited to start blogging about what happens beneath the grain here at Open Grain Woodwork.  We decided to start a blog for several reasons:

1.       We are really bad ass and wanted to share our bad assness with the world.
2.       We rarely do repetitive projects.  Therefore, something new and unique is always being created in our workshop.
3.       We are continuously learning and bettering our woodworking craftsmanship.  We want to be able to share our successes along with our mistakes, and hope that you can learn from our mistakes and successes to better yourself as well.

Our creations are highly functional and innovative pieces of wood art. We have done projects which include furniture, signage, jewelry boxes, pens, household items, displays, and children’s décor & toys. Our motto is “Building Today, Tomorrow’s Antiques” because not only are we building something for our current customers, but we are building something that will last for generations and can be handed down as something to cherish.

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